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The best-fitting, best-made gloves on the market today. Period!


The ultimate in performance and quality, featuring premium materials and unsurpassed protection technologies.
Professionals demand Tillman®… The Brand Pros Demand for over 90 years.

Stick Gloves

Stick welding produces the most heat, sparks and spatter resulting in the need for gloves with more heat insulation. Tillman® Stick gloves offer superior protection from the rigors of stick welding.

Drivers Gloves

Tillman’s Drivers gloves provide maximum comfort and protection. Tillman® Driver gloves are great for everything from construction to warehouse work, to spot welding. Tillman® family of drivers gloves are the right tool for hand protection and to get the job done.

OilX™ Gloves

Real Protection means confidence that liquid will not seep into leather gloves. Tillman’s OilX™ gloves give you that confidence, with a molecular additive developed for Tillman® that repels oil, grease and liquids from penetrating leather, keeping hands dry and protected.