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Professionals demand Tillman®… The Brand Pros Demand for over 90 years.

Stick Gloves

Stick welding produces the most heat, sparks and spatter resulting in the need for gloves with more heat insulation. Tillman® Stick gloves offer superior protection from the rigors of stick welding.

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MIG Gloves

Enhanced dexterity for a great feel on the MIG trigger or a plasma torch. Tillman® MIG gloves are designed to be less bulky and offer outstanding comfort and dexterity in the fingers and palms.

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TIG Gloves

TIG welders want the best feel on the filler metal. Tillman’s TIG glove maximizes dexterity and gives the welder the agility and sense of touch they need to laydown the perfect welds with supreme comfort and protection.

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Drivers Gloves

Tillman’s Drivers gloves provide maximum comfort and protection. Tillman® Driver gloves are great for everything from construction to warehouse work, to spot welding. Tillman® family of drivers gloves are the right tool for hand protection and to get the job done.

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TrueFit® Gloves

The ultimate in handling and performance gloves. Tillman® TrueFit® gloves are slightly undersized to deliver a “true fit” on your hand. TrueFit® gloves offer the perfect combination of comfort and protection.

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Cut Resistant Gloves

Hard working hands require hard working gloves. Tillman’s cut resistant gloves protect hands from contact with sharp edges such as glass, metal, ceramics, and other materials.

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OilX™ Gloves

Real Protection means confidence that liquid will not seep into leather gloves. Tillman’s OilX™ gloves give you that confidence, with a molecular additive developed for Tillman® that repels oil, grease and liquids from penetrating leather, keeping hands dry and protected.

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Work Gloves

Strength and protection, premium grade work gloves are heavy-duty; made from long-lasting top grain cowhide, water and oil resistant pigskin and heavyweight split leathers.

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Winter Gloves

Premium cold weather protection. Tillman® offers a variety of insulations and leathers to keep hands dry and warm during those cold months, or in cold environments.

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High Heat Gloves

Best-in-class for High Heat protection; certified for a wide range of heat levels, from extreme to more moderate. Always consult a high-heat specialist to ensure your protection.

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