About Tillman

Quality, Value and Tradition

In 1928, the John Tillman Co. was formed to provide personal protection solutions for welders and other industrial workers. Founded in the Southern California “oil district” of Signal Hill, Tillman® quickly rose to be known as the top manufacturer of quality welding gloves and leather protective garments. Tillman’s 750, the original “pipeliner’s” glove is still in the product line to this day! What was once a handful of products now encompasses over 1,000 different items.

Johnny Tillman

World’s Mustache Champion,
1989-1993 and the G.O.A.T of Welding

Timeless Quality and Value

Whenever welders get together, the talk ultimately is about a past welding job and the fun and challenges of that job. Opinions differ of whose job was the most challenging, and sometimes the jobs become more challenging as the story is told, but one item they agree on again and again is their Tillman’s.

Tillman has stood the test of time. For over 90 years, Tillman® has been the brand leader in welding and industrial protective safety products. From our legendary 750 and 850 Elkskin stick welding gloves to our innovative TrueFit® performance handling gloves, Tillman has always incorporated the best materials and unsurpassed craftsmanship to deliver products that outperform day after day.

If it ain’t broke… Don’t fix it!

Sometimes you just leave well enough alone. Little has changed from the original 750 born in 1928. Sure, the fit and materials have improved as technology has evolved, but at the core, the 750 is the same.

The 750 is the foundation for every stick welding glove Tillman® produces. Today there are variants of the 750 in Gold Elk (850) and Black Elk (875), Deerskin (855), Pigskin (495), Cowhide (650), Nomex® Lined 850N, Kevlar® lined 1080K and more. Over 30 stick gloves have been born from the original Tillman® 750.

90 Years of Tillman®

Continuing the Tradition

As an industry leader for over 90 years, the Tillman® line has grown to encompass more than 1,000 different products. Fit for every welder’s need, our product line includes Stick, MIG and TIG gloves; drivers, work, TrueFit® (mechanics style) gloves, specialty, high heat clothing, gloves (leather, lightweight flame retardant, high heat), welding blankets, curtains/screens and accessories.

Today, Tillman® continues to deliver you our best; with tomorrow bringing about new materials and improvements that will result in even better protective solutions to keep you safe and take you home at the end of your shift. Tillman® has earned a reputation for durability, reliability and comfort for some of the toughest users in America and will continue every day to uphold that reputation.