Your Ultimate Guide to Leather

Tillman’s Leather Guide

Not All Leather is the Same.

Because of its durability, versatility, and abundance, leather has been a preferred material for work gloves for hundreds of years. While new materials have been introduced to the market, leather remains the favorite material of welders and tradespeople for its feel, quality and durability.

Tillman® continues to focus on producing high-quality leather welding and work gloves using tried and true manufacturing methods that have been used for over 90 years.

Split Leather

Split Leather

Split Leather gets its name from splitting the hide. Split is the internal layer of the hide and has a fuzzy, napped finish and is commonly known as suede. It is generally associated with larger animals like Cows, Elk or Deer whose hide is thick enough to be split into layers.

Top Grain Leather

Grain Leather

Grain Leather is the top layer of leather. It has a smoother, softer feel than split leather.

CluteeCut Leather

Clute Cut

A Clute Cut keeps the palm free of stitching. On the palm side of a clute cut pattern, the palm and all four fingers are cut from one piece of leather. This design offers a great amount of flexibility.

GunnCut Leather

Gunn Cut

The Gunn Cut is the most common pattern found on gloves and features the two middle fingers sewn to the palm. The palm, little finger, and index finger are cut from one piece of leather and the two center fingers are cut from another piece. The design offers great wear and comfort.

Why Choose Leather Gloves?

  • Naturally heat and fire resistant

  • Very comfortable

  • Extremely Durable

  • Very flexible for its weight

  • Tried and True protection


Elkskin Leather

  • Excellent dexterity

  • Naturally resistant to oils and moisture
  • Stays soft and flexible even after exposed to heat and moisture
  • Great for Stick welding

Cowhide Leather

  • Cowhide is perhaps the most popular leather for work and welding gloves
  • Great dexterity, most versatile with various grades and grains available
  • Extremely durable and abrasion resistant
  • Excellent for Stick and MIG welding and handling

Deerskin Leather

  • Excellent dexterity with a superior sense of touch
  • Does not crack or stiffen after exposed to moisture and will dry soft
  • Ultra soft with best feel and dexterity
  • Great for Stick, MIG, and TIG welding

Pigskin Leather

  • Naturally resistant to wet and oily conditions
  • Tillman’s Pigskin is specially tanned to be soft
  • Remains flexible with wear and does not stiffen after getting wet
  • Great for MIG and TIG welding and handling
  • See glove styles 495, 30


Goatskin Leather

  • Known as nature’s strongest leather
  • High tensile strength and strength-to-weight ratio
  • Exceptional abrasion-resistant properties
  • Tough and durable with a great feel and all day comfort
  • Great for MIG and TIG welding and handling

Kidskin Leather

  • Superior sense of touch
  • The feel and dexterity TIG welders love
  • Great dexterity and high tensile strength and strength-to-weight ratio
  • Tough and durable with a great feel and all day comfort
  • Great for MIG and TIG welding and handling
  • Slightly lighter in weight than Goatskin
  • Comfort, dexterity and feel for all day TIG welding