The Tillman® Advantage

Every product counts. Hundreds of companies around the world manufacture competing products. Foreign or domestic, leather or cotton, high volume or low volume, high price or low price, their products usually meet acceptable standards. But Tillman® aspires to something greater; we want every worker to be more productive, more comfortable, and safer with Tillman® products. No shortcuts are taken when manufacturing our products. Why? Because every product counts.

Design is critical for superior performance. Tillman® has a 92 year history of listening to its customer base. When a new process arrives on the market, we quickly develop new products. Yet, Tillman® is more than just form meeting function – our products look great!

It’s the details that enable a product to perform and last. For instance, we use more stitches per inch in our gloves because it makes them last longer and perform better over time. We inspect 100% of our imported welding clothing because consistent quality is the very foundation of the Tillman® name. Go ahead, put our product side-by-side with our competitors. You can see the difference. Then put them on and feel the difference.

Tillmans’s selection of raw materials is unsurpassed in the industry. Hides ranging from Elkskin, Deerskin, Goatskin, Cowhide, and Pigskin are rigorously inspected when received at our factories. We buy the best Fire Resistant cotton, fiberglass, and aluminized fabrics. It’s easy to cut corners. Tillman® will not because product performance and consistency are everything. That’s why most tradespeople ask for Tillman® more than any other brand.

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