Tillman® Fingers & Thumbs Guide

Tillman® Guide to Thumb Styles

Thumb Designs for Gloves

It seems odd to have various thumb designs for gloves, but the thumb design makes a big difference in the functionality and comfort of the glove. There is no right or wrong thumb. It comes down to the user and their comfort level.

To test a glove’s fit and to make sure you have the thumb that feels best, try this: grab onto a tool, a hammer for example, as if you were working. Gripping a tool is a great test. However, just making a closed fist is not an accurate feel because the hand is closed much farther than when you grip a tool.

Straight Thumb - Fingers & Thumbs Guide

Straight Thumb

Straight Thumb is a continuous full thumb that is perpendicular to the wrist with a sewn seam around the thumb. This design is most commonly found on welding gloves to help with a secure grip on the stinger, gun, or torch.

Wing Thumb - Fingers & Thumbs Guide

Wing Thumb

Wing Thumb design has the thumb sewn out to the side of the glove. This style of thumb provides flexibility and does not contain a seam between the palm and thumb. Welts are added to the seams for strength, protection from abrasion, sparks, and spatter.

Keystone Thumb - Fingers & Thumbs Guide

Keystone Thumb

The Keystone Thumb style is highly flexible and the most ergonomic thumb design available. This design has a set-in thumb that is sewn in as a separate piece and has reinforced extra stitching which is positioned for comfort and improved dexterity.

Reinforced Thumb Palm Blue - Fingers & Thumbs Guide
Reinforced Thumb Side - Fingers & Thumbs Guide
Reinforced Thumb Palm - Fingers & Thumbs Guide
Reinforced Thumb Angled

Reinforced Thumb

Reinforced Thumb is an added piece of leather that extends from the wrist and wraps around the thumb. This reinforcement is commonly found on welding gloves and aids in reinforcing common wear areas to lengthen the life of the glove.

Featured: Tillman® 1250 Stick Glove (blue), Double Reinforced and Tillman® 48 MIG Glove (white), Single Reinforced.

Tillman® Guide to Finger Styles

Finger Designs for Gloves

For many welders, having a finger design that works best for them makes all the difference in the world. For some TIG welders, they swear by a seamless index finger as it provides a better feel for the filling wire. Some MIG welders like the seamless feel on the trigger.

A flat seam with a double-stitched index finger is common on many Drivers and TrueFit® gloves. These are hard working gloves that are subjected to some pretty punishing conditions. These gloves are commonly used in construction, fabrication, wind energy, demolition or salvage, and anywhere hard-working hands need protection. The double stitching provides added strength in a high wear, vulnerable area.

A welted finger for Stick gloves is very important as the welting protects the stitching from the high heat, sparks, spatter, and abrasion. Welting is important around all portions of the finger and not just the tip. When stick welding the entire forehand is subjected to heat. Full welted fingers protect the stitching and provide a longer glove life in this vulnerable area.

There is no right or wrong finger. Some welders like the thinner feel of Kidskin yet are not concerned with the index finger. What matters is the user and their comfort level.

Seamless Index Finger - Fingers & Thumbs Guide

Seamless Index Finger

Seamless index fingers do not have a seam on the outer side of the finger. This is important for TIG and MIG welders. It allows TIG welders to better feel the rod and for MIG welders to get the grip they need on the trigger.

Standard Index Finger - Fingers & Thumbs Guide

Standard Index Finger

A standard index finger has a seam all around the finger. This is an excellent design and is common on most welding gloves.

Double Stitched Index Finger - Fingers & Thumbs Guide

Double Stitched Index Finger

A double stitched index finger allows the leather at the outer index finger to overlap and offers two parallel rows of stitching. The Double Stitched Index finger is found mostly on drivers gloves for added durability in a high wear area.

Welted Finger Top
Welted Finger Side

Welted Fingers

Welted fingers have thin strips of leather that are sewn into the seams of the fingers. These strips of leather protect the stitches from abrasion, sparks, and splatter that may melt or burn stitching giving the gloves a longer life.

Featured: Tillman® 1250 Stick Glove, Welted Fingers.