Aluminized Rayon Split Leg Waist Apron


  • 16 oz. Aluminized Rayon split leg waist apron
  • 24" x 36"
  • Durable side release buckles down the legs
  • Heavy duty waist strap secures apron comfortable
  • Protects against radiant heat
  • Lightweight
  • Not recommended for molten metal

WARNING: Tillman's aluminized clothing is designed to protect against radiant high heat and/or molten metal for short durations ONLY. Prolonged exposure to high heat and/or molten metal may result in serious injury or death to the worker. DO NOT use this clothing without contacting a safety professional. Do not use this clothing for entry into enclosed spaces.

Temperatures and applications are intended as guidelines and not as guarantees of performance. It is the user's responsibility to monitor their activity at all times.

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