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Tillman? 53L

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Tillman Logos & Brand Guide

Tillman? Logos & Brand Guidelines

  • Tillman? The Brand Pros Demand
  • Tillman? Shield
  • Tillman? Brand Guidelines for logo usage, colors, and brands

Product Catalogs

Tillman? Product Catalogs

Sell Sheets


Tillman? Product Sell Sheets

Spec Sheets


Tillman? Product Spec Sheets

Product Launch Packs


1357 MIG

1252 Stick

1325 TIG

1332 TIG

1477 TrueFit?

1772 & 1773 Winter

Thumbnail of launch pack 1413 & 1417

1413 & 1417 Drivers


Student Weld Kit

Product Sizing Charts

Tillman? Sizing Chart

Tillman? Product Performance & Sizing Charts

  • Tillman? Glove Sizing Chart
  • Tillman? Jackets, Bibs and Aprons Sizing Chart
  • Tillman? Strip Curtains: Light Transmission Performance Chart

How to Choose Guides

Tillman? How to Choose Guides ?

  • Winter Gloves
  • MIG Gloves

Winter Glove Brochure

Tillman? Winter Glove Brochure

Hight Heat Glove & Clothing Brochure

ACK brochure cover image

Tillman? High Heat Brochure

Glove Selector Guides

Tillman? HPPE & Cut Resistant Gloves Matrix

Tillman? Glove Selector Guides

Declaration of Conformity

Tillman? Product Declaration of Conformity Sheets

Material Safety Data Sheets

Thumbnail of 583 Material Safety Data Sheet

Tillman? Material Safety Data Sheets

FR Cotton Safety Data Sheets

Tillman? FR Cotton SDS

Tillman? FR Cotton Products Safety Data Sheets / Performance Characteristics

Product Laundering Instructions

Tillman? Product Laundering Instructions ?

  • Home Laundering Instructions
  • Industrial Laundering Instructions