What set the Tillman® 53 MIG glove apart from other MIG welding gloves?


The Tillman 53 was developed by talking to welders and watching them work to truly understand what they needed in a MIG glove.

The 53 is made with Tillman’s premium top grain and split Cowhide for exceptional protection and comfort. The 53 features an industry first – Tillman’s Glide Patch™ – with 10 millimeters of high-density foam that wraps half of the forearm, providing a thick cushion for incomparable comfort and protection from heat.

Radiant heat buildup is a nuisance, so Tillman added a strip of leather that extends from the outer palm to the pink that shields the heat from the user, for added heat protection.

For added protection to the user, Tillman also added split Cowhide reinforcements to provide protection in high wear and potential cut areas. Tillman also added breaks in the split Cowhide reinforcements to allow the hand to have natural, unrestrictive movement reducing hand fatigue.

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