• 1766 Cut Glove
  • 948 Cut Glove
  • 563-1224
  • 49 MIG Glove
  • Cut Gloves 952 - 964

Tillman 1766 ANSI Level 4 Abrasion Resistant Glove The Tillman 1766 glove provides ANSI Level 4 Abrasion Resistance while offering great dexterity to handle the smallest of components for all-day use.The 1766 offers a lightweight seamless knit nylon shell with a non-coated, open back for comfort, protection and breathability. The durable, hard-wearing nitrile micro-foam coating absorbs oils for outstanding gripping power and abrasion resistance.Features of the 1766 glove include:Nitrile micro-foam coating delivers a superior grip... Read More



New 9730 DualTec FR/Westex® FR7A® Flame Retardant 30” Jacket John Tillman Co. introduces the new DualTec FR/Westex® FR7A® flame retardant jacket that’s tough, lightweight, washable, and cool! The new DualTec FR 9 oz. fabric will be used on the sleeves and is a combination of 40% Twaron® for strength, high thermal capability and cut resistance (EN388 level 2), and 60% Lenzing FR® for permanent flame resistance, comfort and moisture management. This new fabric adds greater durability with “leather like”... Read More


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