High Heat Clothing

Tillman offers an extensive line of High Heat clothing to protect and keep workers safe. Tillman offers two variants of high heat garments:

Aluminized Rayon

Aluminized Rayon Aluminized Rayon is a more economical high heat fabric that offers good flexibility to the user and is effective at reflecting radiant heat. Aluminized Rayon has good protection where heat is moderate, approximately 450° and there is no metal splash.

Aluminized Carbon Kevlar®

Aluminized Carbon Kevlar®, ACK, is a heavier fabric with good flexibility, strong durability, and tear resistance. ACK is designed to deflect high heat at 1500°and repel molten metal splash.

Because so much depends on the protective properties of the material, with Aluminized Rayon and Aluminized Carbon Kevlar users should look at both the maximum contact temperatures and radiant heat factors that the garments will be exposed to.

If there is a chance for splash, the materials abilities to withstand extremely high temperatures and to shed molten metal are critical factors to consider when selecting aluminized apparel and shedding molten metal.

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