The Tillman® 875 Onyx® Stick Glove – Sturdy, Reliable & Really Comfortable.

Tillman’s 875 Pipeline gloves are the softest and hardest working gloves in the field. The 875 is constructed completely with Tillman’s Premium top grain Elkskin leather for the most comfortable feel you can get with a Stick glove.

Tillman’s Premium top grain Elkskin provides a great feel and stays soft, even when hot. Elkskin also resists contraction of the leather from heat, so the 875 will continue to fit even after many uses. The 875 has an unlined palm for greater dexterity and a straight thumb for a secure grip. The cotton/foam lining on the back of the hand provides protection from heat, and DuPontKevlar® thread helps keep these gloves intact even with heavy use.

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