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595B ArcDefender™ 36 oz. Bronze Silica Pre-Sized Welding Blanket

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Product Overview

Tillman® ArcDefender™ Silica Pre-Sized Blanket Welding Blanket

  • FM Approved Welding Blanket
  • 36 oz. bronze silica
  • Heavy duty, molten metal, sparks, spatter
  • 1800°F working temp, 3000°F melt temp
  • .054” thick
  • Fire resistant qualities used for welding
  • Protects against sparks on horizontal and vertical plane
  • Provides high visibility for safety and resistance to sparks, abrasion, water and most chemicals
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3FT x 3FT – 595-B33 6FT x 9FT – 595-B69 Custom – 595-BCustom
6FT x 6FT – 595-B66 10FT x 10FT – 595-B1010
6FT x 8FT – 595-B68
  • Pre-Sized Blanket; 5 available sizes
  • For full rolls, 1 size only; order 595-36 (36″ W x 50 yds in length)
  • Custom sizes available, use part number 595-BC (specify width and length)
  • Bronze color
  • FM 4950 Approved
  • FM Welding Approved
  • NFPA 701
  • Vertical and Horizontal Protection

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