FR Cotton Garments

In the past 20 years a lot has changed in the welding industry, yet one thing remains the same…Tillman only uses Flame Resistant material from the leading American-made FR fabric manufacturer, Westex® by Milliken, for our FR cotton garments.

Tillman’s core 6230 Flame Resistant jacket starts with a 9-ounce U.S. made Westex® FR7A fabric. FR7A fabric is inherently designed to be safe. The material will self-extinguish and complies with ASTM D6413-10 flammability test which requires a maximum char length of 5” or a maximum after flame of 2 seconds.

The Westex® FR7A material is also pre-shrunk for comfort and maintains its accurate size for the life of the jacket. Less expensive material sourced from overseas cannot say their fabrics have been pre-shrunk; Tillman can.

Westex® has provided Tillman with third-party verification with specific performance details to understand the exact protection users will receive and what they can expect.

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