605-C ArcShield® Custom Welding Curtain

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Product Overview

Tillman® ArcShield® Clear Transparent Vinyl Welding Curtain – Grommets on the TOP ONLY

  • FM Approved Welding Curtain
  • Clear resistant transparent vinyl
  • 16 mil thickness, Custom width and length (W, L)
  • Grommets on the TOP ONLY
  • Provides optical protection when visibility is required
  • Formulated to disperse arc image and allow light back into work area
  • Tillman® transparent vinyl curtains have FM 4950 Approval, NFPA 701 Approval, CPA 1-8 and California Fire Marshall’s requirements for flame resistance
Custom (W, L) – 605-C
  • Transparent Vinyl, Roll
  • Grommets on the TOP ONLY
  • Clear Resistant Transparent Vinyl
  • FM 4950 Approved
  • FM Welding Approved
  • NFPA 701
  • Welding
  • Fabrication