637-200 ArcShield Vinyl Strip Curtain

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Product Overview

Tillman® ArcShield Transparent Vinyl Strip Curtain

  • Bronze tinted transparent vinyl strip curtain
  • Constructed of a series of interlocking, fire retardant, heavy-duty vinyl strips
  • 12″ width, .12″ thickness, 200′ roll
  • Also available in Custom length (637R) and 8″ width, .08″ thickness (635-300)
Width of Strip Partial Overlap Full Overlap
12″ 1.5″ 2″
12″ Width 0.12″ Thickness 200′ Roll

Ordering instructions for all Tillman® ArcShield Vinyl Strips

To figure out number of strips and total linear feat to cover desired area:

Tillman’s universal mounting hardware is made of 14-gauge galvanized steel, 1/4″ studs, 2″ centers, complete with cover plate and lock nuts. The holes are punched for flush or suspended mounting. Combine any of the sizes for wider spaces.

  • Determine the width and the over width of the strip & overlaps to best suit your needs.
  • Select the clear or tint color desired.
  • Choose part number from the table (see table).
  • Order the mounting hardware required.
  • Designed for enclosed welding booths, workstations or machinery.
  • Protects from ultraviolet radiation, sparks and spatter.