Welder's Kneeling Pad

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Welder’s Kneeling Pad

Whether kneeling on a rough surface, resting forearms on a bench or hours of standing, Tillman Welder’s Kneeling Pad provides relief to sore elbows and knees from long hours of welding.

A thick, high-density foam core is wrapped in a durable cowhide split leather and sewn with Kevlar® thread for extra strength and resistance to sparks and spatter.  Welder’s will appreciate the comfort of the Tilman Welder’s Kneeling Pad when working on uncomfortable surfaces like dirt, concrete, gravel, asphalt and steel. 


  • Measuring 12” by 24” and 1” thick, the Kneeling Pad is compact, lightweight for all day relief.
  • An integrated carrying handle for easy transport or for hanging when not in use.
  • Portability and the mobility whether the Kneeling Pad is on the ground or a hot surface.
  • Flame resistant split cowhide resists sparks and spatter for long lasting protection.
  • High density foam does not compress for long lasting relief to forearms, elbows, knees and feet.
  • Thick padding offers relief to elbows and forearms when leaning on hot surfaces.
  • Part Number 563-1224
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