Tillman 1454 Cut Resistant Gloves Save Company from Hand Injury

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When Henkels & McCoy, Inc (an engineering, project management, construction, and training 
firm headquartered in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania) gave the okay for their workers to use the Tillman 1454 cut resistant drivers glove, they did so with the hope that it would save them from costly hand injuries, and it did just that.

The user in the photos below was handling metal strapping and didn’t even realize the strapping had cut his glove until he went to take them off. In the photos, you can see where the strapping cut through the leather, but the Kevlar® sock lining remained intact. Had the user not being wearing Tillman 1454 gloves, his hand could have been lacerated by the metal strapping, causing injury to himself, time off work, and potential medical expenses for his employer.

 Phil Robins, the area safety manager for Henkels & McCoy, Inc., says, “The 1454 is a good all-purpose glove when more padding and the comfort of leather is preferred. It is certainly noteworthy to blow our horn to bring attention to the effectiveness of this glove with a 360° Kevlar® sock. Wanted you folks at Tillman to see the effectiveness of your model 1454 level 2 cut resistant glove. Thanks for the product.”

The Tillman 1454 meets ANSI cut resistance level 2. This glove is designed as a handling glove, not to be used for welding. Ultimately it is the user’s sole responsibility to determine whether this product is appropriate for the intended use.

View the 1454 here.

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