New 9730 DualTec FR/Westex® FR7A® Flame Retardant 30” Jacket

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New 9730 DualTec FR/Westex® FR7A® Flame Retardant 30” Jacket

John Tillman Co. introduces the new DualTec FR/Westex® FR7A® flame retardant  jacket that’s tough, lightweight, washable, and cool!  The new DualTec FR 9 oz. fabric will be used on the sleeves and is a combination of 40% Twaron® for strength, high thermal capability and cut resistance (EN388 level 2), and 60% Lenzing FR® for permanent flame resistance, comfort and moisture management. This new fabric adds greater durability with “leather like” performance.  It is lighter, cooler and can be washed.

The torso is made of proven, 100% cotton, 9 oz. Westex® FR7A® fabric. This fabric is designed to self-extinguish and will not shirk, melt, or drip molten residues. It is washable and will maintain flame resistance for up to 50 home or 25 commercial washings.

The jacket features a 30” length, spacious inside pocket for small item storage, and anodized button snaps to prevent arc flashback. It is available in size M, L, XL, 2X, and 3X. 

Ask your local Tillman distributor about the 9730 or find them online.


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