FreedomFlex: A Line of High-Mobility Welding Jackets

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Freedom Flex product photos and logoThe FreedomFlex line of welding jackets is a line that gives welders and other industrial workers the freedom to move. Available in three different styles and in sizes ranging from medium to 3X, the FreedomFlex jacket is lightweight, durable and designed to allow maximum movement. Each jacket is specially made with Raglan sleeves, which follow the natural shape of the shoulder and provide more freedom and better overall movement, and Westex Indura® Stretch FR Cotton, strategically placed to maximize the garment's stretch. (Learn more about raglan sleeves and Indura Stretch in our Tillman U course.)

"We've talked to hundreds of welders about the limitations of conventional welding jackets and most complain about how restrictive and heavy the jackets are -- especially the all-leather models. FreedomFlex offers a one-two punch in that the flexibility is much greater and the Indura® really lightens up the jackets without sacrificing protection," says Tillman Vice-President Mark Williams.

For more details of the FreedomFlex line, check out these individual product pages:

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