Clear vinyl is designed to protect against drafts, air loss and sound. Great for light to heavy traffic areas. Clear vinyl strips are available in three widths and thicknesses.

Width and Thickness

  • 8" wide, .08" thick - Protects against drafts, reduces air loss, for doors up to 8ft.
  • 12" wide, .12" thick - Interior/exterior, heavy traffic, sound, and temperature control, for doors 8ft. to 14ft.
  • 16" wide, .16" thick - Designed for heavy truck traffic for doors 8ft. to 14ft.

How to Order

    To figure out number of strips and total linear feet to cover desired area:

  1. Calculate height and width of desired area.
  2. Select width of strip and overlap
  3. Multiply total sq. footage of area by desired overlap in chart to determine total linear footage
  4. Divide total linear footage by height of area to determine total number of strips

Order strip curtains by area, individual strips, or rolls:


Strips and rolls

Specify height x width for AREA orders


universal mounting hardware

14 gauge galvanized steel, 1/4" studs, 2" centers, complete with cover plate and lock nuts. Holes punched for flush or suspended mounting. Available in 640-3 (3ft. section), 640-4 (4ft. section), 640-5 (5ft. section). Combine any of the above for wider spaces.

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