Tillman makes the best-fitting, best-made gloves on the market today. A fanatical commitment to quality and attention to detail make Tillman gloves a superior value, and The Brand Pros Demand for over 85 years.

Stick welding produces the most heat, sparks and spatter resulting in the need for gloves with more heat insulation. Since this process requires less dexterity it allows the user to wear gloves that are thicker and offer more heat protection.

Introducing Tillman’s Oil Resistant Gloves

Tillman’s oil resistant gloves are treated in the tanning process with a molecular additive, developed for Tillman, that provides an invisible shield on the leather to repel oil, grease and liquids from penetrating top grain Goatskin leather and onto the hands. 

The oil resistant additive is added during the tanning process allowing the additive to be fully infused into the leather for complete coverage and maximum protection, keeping oil and liquids from soaking through. 

Tillman’s oil resistant coating causes oil and liquids to bead off the leather, keeping hands protected, clean and dry. 



Tig welding produces the lowest heat and the flame is concentrated to a certain area. The result is minimal sparks and spatter. The gloves needed for this application can be thinner top grain leathers to maximize feel and dexterity.



MIG welding is the most popular weld for a broad range of applications. The heat levels are less than in Stick welding, and the user operates a welding gun with a trigger requiring more dexterity. MIG gloves tend to be lighter weight than Stick gloves and, most importantly, have enhanced dexterity.

The ultimate in handling and performance gloves. TrueFit gloves are great for any application where fit, comfort and protection are paramount.


Leather drivers gloves are made from pigskin, goatskin, deerskin or cowhide. Why leather? Leather offers the perfect combo of abrasion resistance, flexibility, and breathability.

With four linings and a variety of materials, Tillman has a glove to stand up to your cold-weather needs. From light and warm polar-fleece gloves to our super-dexterous, thinsulate-lined driver's style, we have the glove that's right for you. To download the latest Tillman Winter Gloves Catalog, click here. To download the Tillman 1772 & 1773 Product Launch Pack, click here.

Tillman's premium grade work gloves are made from long-lasting top grain cowhide, water and oil resistant pigskin and heavyweight split leathers.

Our coated and specialty gloves can meet your material handling needs with lightweight cotton for small jobs, dipped gloves for chemical resistance, Kevlar® knits for cut protection, and hot mill and chore gloves for handling metal parts and glass.

Selecting a high heat glove takes careful attention. Contact a high heat specialist at Tillman with questions and requirements.


Cut resistant gloves are designed to protect against direct contact with sharp edges such as glass, metal, ceramics, and other materials.

Tillman's anti-vibration gloves with genuine gel pads lessen vibration and arm fatigue and reduce the chances of injury. The genuine gel pads are integrated into three popular glove styles: a MIG welding glove, a TrueFit mechanic's style glove, and a drivers glove.

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