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Product Selection

Product SelectionProduct selection courses were developed as a result of the many calls and emails we receive asking for help in identifying specific products for specific welding applications. Our goal is to help broaden your product knowledge by giving you the resources to identify which Tillman products should and can be used in the wide array of industrial situations. If you have any questions about these courses, or if you have a need for us to develop additional courses, use the "contact us" form to submit your request.

Available Courses:

Welding Curtains & Portable Screens

Welding Curtains & Portable ScreensHow to select welding curtains and portable screens for your work area

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Welding Blanket Selection Criteria

Welding Blanket Selection CriteriaHow to select the appropriate welding blanket for each application.

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How to Size: Gloves and Garments

How to Size: Gloves and GarmentsThis course details how to determine your glove and jacket size.

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How to select a STICK glove

How to select a STICK gloveSelecting a Tillman stick glove is easy

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