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Material Science

Material ScienceMaterial Science courses are designed to inform and educate students about the materials used to build Tillman's products. This could include performance data about specific fabrics, intrinsic characteristics of various types of leather, head-to-head comparisons of Tillman's products versus like products and much more. If you have any questions about these courses, or if you have a need for us to develop additional courses, use the "contact us" form to submit your request.

Available Courses:

Winter Glove Insulation

Winter Glove InsulationFinding that right winter glove that keeps your hands warm without hindering your dexterity.

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Coated Gloves: What's the Difference?

Coated Gloves: What's the Difference?In this course, you'll learn the key features of various glove coatings like latex, nitrile, PU and PVC.

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Leather Breakdown

Leather BreakdownThis course details the key differences among the various hides used in the welding industry.

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