Tillman 1452 and 1466, Internal Impact Protection Handling Gloves

Need more protection on the back of your hand from the nasty wrench slips or pinched fingers but don’t want exposed pads that aren’t resistant to flames, sparks and light spatter? We’ve got just the answer. Our best-selling 1414 and 1464 style gloves now come with internal finger, knuckle, thumb and back of hand protection all neatly placed UNDER the cowhide split back. There are two models:

1452 features a top grain cowhide palm with a cowhide split leather back, protecting the Kevlar® sewn internal foam pads on the back of hand, fingers, knuckle, and thumb. This glove includes a keystone thumb which fits the natural shape of the hand. The 1452 is available in sizes M, L, XL, and 2X.

1466 features a top grain cowhide palm with added split leather palm, index finger and thumb reinforcement. The 1466 is sewn entirely with Kevlar® thread for strength and heat resistance and includes a rollover index finger which is great for spot welding. The 1466 glove is available in sizes M, L, XL, and 2X.


Ask your local Tillman distributor about the 1452 and 1466 or find them online. 

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